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Fuglies Prescription Safety Glasses

Our range of prescription safety sunglasses and clear safety glasses feature AS1337.6 medium impact UV400 or polarised Trivex or polycarbonate single vision safety lenses custom-made to your prescription and available in a variety of frame styles.

Depending on the frame model, our prescription range is either certified to or compliant with the medium impact (45m/s) eyewear protection provisions of AS/NZS1337.6.

Please note that due to the requirements of AS/NZS1337.6 we are only able to offer distance-vision (driving) OR near-vision (reading) lenses. Unfortunately progressive lenses, bifocals and multi-focals can't be supplied with AS/NZS1337.6 certification or compliance.

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Prices shown below include lenses and frames, and normal delivery charges apply. Delivery is approximately 14-21 days from when you place your pre-paid order.

  • Clear Safety $259
  • Non-Polarised Safety $279
  • Polarised Safety $309
  • Non-Polarised Photochromic Safety $379 (Tint level range 85% to 0%)
  • Polarised Photochromic Safety $409 (Tint level range 85% to 30%)

Please Note: Our non-polarised photochromic lenses tint down to completely clear in low-light situations, however our photochromic polarised lenses have a minimum tint level of 30% which is about the same as car window tinting.


The following frames are currently available in our prescription range:

 Prescription Safety Glasses

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