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Polarised Safety Sunglasses

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Fuglies safety sunglasses have been tested, and are certified, to meet the AS/NZS1337 standard for medium (ballistic) impact industrial eye protection.
SunSmart Sunglasses
All Fuglies sunglasses are UV400 rated to meet Category 3 of Australian Standard AS1067:2003 for UV and IR protection giving them SunSmart program compliance.

Safety Sunglasses

Fuglies Sunglasses, Safety Glasses & Safety Sunglasses

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New Models

Smoke polarised safety lenses,
removable foam gasket, blue revo
mirror and crystal grey frame.

Smoke polarised safety lenses
removable foam gasket, blue revo
mirror and gloss white frame.

Clear Bi-Focal Slabs
Clear medium impact safety
bi-focals in our popular
gloss black Slab frame.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Fuglies polarised sunglasses and safety sunglasses combines great looks, sun protection and comfort with a soft rubber foam gasket that protects from peripheral glare and wind-blown dust and sand. The Fuglies foam rubber insert also reduces vibration and is vented to reduce fogging.

The black wrap-around polycarbonate frames are lightweight and impact resistant, and are metal screwed at the hinges for extra durability and strength. An added feature, important for fishermen and yachties, is that your Fuglies sunglasses float!!

A by-product of the Fuglies frame design is that the foam rubber gasket lightly grip the bridge of the nose making theses sunglasses non-slip as well.

Whether on your bike, on the water, or just out and about, Fuglies offer everything you need from a pair of sunglasses for an active lifestyle.

Sunglasses, Safety Glasses & Safety Sunglasses

Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised lenses in a range of tints to reduce glare from water, fog, and snow, as well as oncoming traffic.
Safety Sunglasses

Shatter-proof safety rated UV400 glare resistant lenses. AS/NZS 1337 medium impact protection.
Polarised Safety Sunglasses

Full outdoor eye protection with polarised lenses & AS/NZS1337
medium impact resistance

ADF Military Sunglasses

As worn by Australia's military elite. Designed specifically to ADF & ASOD specifications.
Bi-Focal Polarised Sunglasses

A fully tinted polarised safety lens with a moulded magnifying lens insert for near vision improvement.
Fuglies Safety Clears

Designed for indoor-use - AS/NZS1337 medium-impact rated crystal clear safety lenses in a variety of frames

Prescription Safety Glasses

Our popular frames fitted with single vision impact rated safety lenses custom-made to your prescription.
Safety Goggles

AS/NZS 1337 rated tinted polarised or clear shaterproof lenses, foam-backed, and lightweight vented polycarbonate frame.
Safety Glasses That Fit Over

Protect your prescription glasses with a pair of safety glasses that fit over your prescription frames.

A Word About Floating: Yes, they float, but it's mainly the foam gasket that makes that happen. Also, while fully waterproof and great for watersports, the foam will become waterlogged after about 45 minutes of full immersion. The basic deal is that if you're wearing them in, on or around the water, if you drop them in the water you've got heaps of time to retrieve them (unless they float away), but don't expect them to float with the bits that make them float removed, or to be able to float forever. Just thought we'd let you know.

As Seen In:

Australian & NZ DefenderTwo WheelsCycle TorqueNational Australian Fishing Annual
Queensland Foshing MonthlyNew South Wales Fishing MonthlyBarra, Bass & BreamSaltwater Fishing Magazine

Polarised Sunglasses
Safety Sunglasses
Polarised Safety Sunglasses
Clear Safety Glasses

Polarised Bi-Focal Sunglasses
Military Sunglasses
Safety Goggles
Slip-Over Safety Glasses
Prescription Safety Sunglasses

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