Clear Safety Glasses OS2

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Clear Safety Glasses That Fit Over Prescription Glasses

Indoor workplace protection for your prescription frames - they just fit over the top of them.

Protect your prescription glasses with a pair of safety glasses that fit over your prescription frames in a wraparound style that fully encloses them - they just fit over the top of your normal glasses and you're good to go.

These have polycarbonate frames and shatterproof polycarbonate UV400 safety lenses certified to meet the AS/NZS1337 standard for medium impact (45m/s) industrial eye protection. They also have a side window in the frame for improved peripheral vision when used to fit over your existing glasses.

Designed to fit over prescription frames up to 139mm wide at their widest point, and up to 39mm deep (lens frame top to bottom), this size will fit over 70% of available men's prescription frames.


  • Lens Type: UV400 Polycarbonate Safety Lens
  • Lens Colour: Clear
  • Frame: Gloss black polycarbonate.
  • Safety Rated: Yes. AS/NZS1337.1 medium impact (45m/s) rated shatterproof safety lenses.
  • Will fit over prescription frames up to 139mm wide and up to 39mm deep.

Customer Comment: These things are great! I've got a couple of pairs out at the front desk for when reps and customers need to go into the yard. Now the OH&S guy won't be on my back all the time. Thanks for another great product. The workshop is now Fuglies from front to back. Neil. Auburn, NSW