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Polarised Sunglasses

The UV400 rated polarised tri-acetate lenses in our polarised sunglasses cut down significantly on reflected glare from water, fog, snow, glass and reflective surfaces, improving through-water visibility for fishermen and boaties.

For driving they reduce reflected glare from the road surface, oncoming vehicles and even the bonnet of your own car.

  • Smoke-Grey Lenses: A neutral grey tint for excellent all-round glare reduction in all lighting conditions (but especially bright direct sunlight.) and minimal colour distortion. Ideal for all water sports, offshore and coastal fishing, driving, and most daily outdoor activities.
  • Copper-Brown Lenses: Selectively filters out blue light or haze giving increased clarity and contrast, particularly on hazy days. Great where distances need to be constantly judged, like golf, tennis, or other sports requiring acute visual perception and contrast differentiation. Preferred choice for freshwater fishing.